Ontario Breeders

Cora Vandekar


Lu-Anne Clark

Kennel Name: ROCKALILY

Phone: 705-879-6898

Email: luanne5711@gmail.com

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Nadine Livingston

Kennel Name: PINK RIBBON

Phone: 705-345-9017

Email: pinkribbon@bell.net
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Rollande Larsen

Kennel Name: ROKILA

Phone: 807-622-1165

Email: rlarsen@tbaytel.net
Web: papillonpups.net
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Donna Edwards 

Kennel Name: DONLEN

Phone: 416-949-3778

Email: donlenpaps@aol.com

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Lynne Beilhartz

Kennel Name: JORDANNA'S 

Phone: 705-866-2322

Email: lynnebeilhartz@xplornet.com

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Olga Gagne 

Kennel Name: BLUECHIP

Phone: 905-262-4682

Email: bluechip149@sympatico.ca
Web: www.bluechippapillons.com
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Sharon Moore 

Kennel Name: DONSHAR

Phone: 705-652-8543

Email: dmoore@nexicom,net
Web: donsharpapillondogs.com
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Lorraine Nelligan 

Kennel Name: PANDALOR

Phone: 519-433-9406

Email: l.nelligal@rogers.com
Web: www.pandalorpapillons.com
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Mandiee O’Brien 

Kennel Name: AUBELLE

Phone: 289-200-8801

Email: mandiee@rogers.com
Web: www.aubelledogs.ca
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Robin Mercer 

Kennel Name: PIERIDAE

Phone: 905-797-3074

Email: mercerpaps@sympatico.ca
Web: www.angelfire.com/ok2/rmercer1
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Tracey Giles & Kylie Wilson 


Phone: 807-577-1468

Email: tkagiles@shaw.ca
Email: ky.wilson@hotmail.com
Web: www.southcreekpapillons.com
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