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This heartwarming little dog is the best kept secret in the Toy Dog world.  They are dainty, fine boned, yet not fragile. They are happy and energetic when you want to be, yet cuddly and sedate when it’s time to relax. The beautiful big butterfly shaped ears are the signature of this dog and truly speak to the name.  This is a very happy little tyke that will alert you to visitors and then greet your company with great gusto!

The Papillon’s history is a 700 year old one.  Belgium and France were both instrumental in the development of the breed.  There are paintings dating back to the 1500’s recording the dogs’ history although at that time all the dogs were drop eared.  The erect eared variety is a relative newcomer, becoming established in the late 1800’s.  The Papillon is called the Continental Toy Spaniel (L’Epagnuel Nain Continental) throughout most of the world with two varieties, the erect eared dog called the Papillon and the original drop eared dog now called the Phalène.  Here in North America the breed is called by the name of just one of the varieties, the Papillon.  The breed has been the companion of royalty since its start.

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